Painting and Sculpting Questions

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Thread: Painting and Sculpting Questions

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    Painting and Sculpting Questions

    Has any one used FUSEFX translucent paints for head sculpts.

    I have taken a look at the new DID Deluxe figures and they seem to have more of a translucent look about the sculpt.

    My question is how would you achieve this translucency is it just purely down to your level of expertise in painting, or is it in the mixing of the resin.
    The Tutorial videos on the FX site shows a silicon casting having a pigment introduced prior to being poured into the mould

    Is the difficulty that we face is that we tend to use hard resins and not silicone for a lot of sculpts
    So is that the problem that the resin used in our scale is harder to manipulate to be able to acquire the results as sfx people are able to do in silicone or is it simply beyond the scope of the hobby caster

    Has any one tried this method of introducing a pigment prior to casting? or have experimented with the any of FUSEFX products?

    Or has anyone experimented in silicone for sculpts or any mix of different types of resins, or a silicone resin mix that they have tried and are happy to share their success or fail rate with us?

    the last points may seem a bit dumb but i have never attemted any casting to date and looking i suppose for a few tips



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    Re: Painting and Sculpting Questions

    you should check out the statue forum. i've seen some pretty awesome repaints using somethign similar and the members are really helpful there

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Painting and Sculpting Questions