Fading a camo smock

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Thread: Fading a camo smock

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    Fading a camo smock

    I have a German camo smock that came with Edmund that I am practicing this on.....but it will be to do Ian's denison smock as soon as I figure it out.
    I have soaked it 2 times in an almost 1/2 bleach and 1/2 water mixture.....but it doesn't seem to have faded it at all......anyone do this before....any tips?
    I'm practicing on the German one as I don't want to wreck the British one as they are getting hard to find!!!
    What would that look like if I was 12" tall?


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    I used to do the bleach thing until I ruined two WW2 para
    unis. Now I wash it four or five times with lots of fabric softener
    until it gets the way I want it. I put some unis in an old pillow case and wash it like regular clothes. Now I don't disolve buttons or with German unis loose some awards. They look faded but everything is still on there. With the bleach some buttons would fall off or get lost. Hope this helps a bit.

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Fading a camo smock