help with 1/6 patches

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Thread: help with 1/6 patches

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    help with 1/6 patches

    guys, can u help me where to find good resolution images to print 1/6 patches and what paper do you guys use to represent the real patch??sorry if this topic has been discussed before, thankss

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    On the patches I sell, I use images or scans of the real patches. I got the 1/1 dimensions and shrunk to 1/6. Adjusting colors if I needed to. I think they look more realistic then the created images used by others do not look realistic. When you use the real deal, even at 1/6th you can see the detail of the embroidery in the patches.

    For material, I use June Tailor Quick-Fuse. Its white, iron-on cotton ink jet sheets. Its around $7-10 for 3 sheets depending where you get it. I believe they also make a non-iron-on version.

    I do have some patches left over from my last run. Soko Toys also sells my patches if you are interested in buying some. They have a nice sampler for a great price. I'm also doing a custom run this weekend or sometime in the next 2 weeks if you were looking for something custom.
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    Brians patches are great. You'll like them.

    I think iron on paper is the way to go. i like the way patches look ironed directly to the uniform. The picture shows some vietnam era patches i scanned and printed on iron-on paper and ironed to a SOTW shirt.

    Here is a website that has a lot of pictures of US patches:
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    thanks or the help guys, i guess the iron on patches are the best, it looks real..perhaps i need to start printing my own

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help with 1/6 patches