Good day's work (bash & custom work)

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Thread: Good day's work (bash & custom work)

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    Good day's work (bash & custom work)

    Added a onesixthbrit res[irator and DML PLCE to tweak out this 3 Para.

    Inspired by Scanmandan, I reworked two pair of bbi boots. Base painted with acrylics, washed with oil paints, and brybrushed with acrylics.

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    Nice Brit.... more please!!

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    Very strange, but I had left a nice post here earlier this afternoon and now it's no longer here.... Hmmmm... Something amiss at the OSW?...

    In any case, I'll post it again:

    Fantastic job on the figure and great repaint on the boots. Any info on where/how to obtain the "respirator" would be greatly appreciated. Would love to equip my "Mel" with one. Thanks.
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    raycxr2 Unregistered Guest
    try this bloke for brit kit ,outstanding quality

    cheers ray

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Good day's work (bash & custom work)