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Thread: OT: Slow Loading Pages

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    OT: Slow Loading Pages

    Not to be a whiny lil beeyotch but is anyone else having a problem with the pages loading slowly? I've been noticing it for a while now but I haven't seen anyone else complain about it.
    I'm on a DSL connection and maybe I'm just PMSing today.
    Thanks in advance,
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    I'm lagging and im on dsl too

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    Boys, I too am experiencing a lagamotion type of situation. I noticed this about two weeks ago and wondered if anyone else was experiencing similar effects. Seems that the pages consistently load about half as fast as usual whether it is a pictorial or text only thread. I am using a dial-up connection by the way. I was curious about this and am glad that someone brought it up ( thought I might be losing my marbles )

    P.S. To those who work so hard to bring this wonderful forum to life this is in no way intended to be interpreted as a gripe. - Mike
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    I'm on cable and they're slow for me as well.

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    So isn't just me.

    I'm on dial-up and I thought it was because of that.
    Maintiens le Droits

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    I have also noticed some serious latency issues with the site for the past few days. Slow at work (T-1), and slow at home (Cable 3mbs).
    I'm Brett, and I approve this message.

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    It hasn't been that bad over here, but OSW is a bit slower. I dunno, could it be the server?

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    It more likely my code

    I'll look into having it load faster for you all.

    The problem is that the there's something on the page that takes a while to load, and the content you want to see is waiting for everything to finish loading before showing itself. I'll see if I can have it load without the wait.

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    I'm on cable at home and T1 at work.
    Encountered no probs in the last couple of days. EXCEPT double header at the Top of the Gallery section. I'm on Explorer Browser for Mac.

    Thanks RONIN!

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    Hmm, I too have been experiencing a slight lag. I just figured (no pun intended) that is was because of the combination of some of the topics. It seemed to have started when they made that change. I also find it harder to keep up with all the posts. Since I got a new job, I have less time to enjoy the board.
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OT: Slow Loading Pages