How do you post pictures on threads

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Thread: How do you post pictures on threads

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    How do you post pictures on threads

    How do you post pictures on threads.

    Thanks for the help if anyone replies

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    Re: How do you post pictures on threads

    I can tell you how I do it.

    I take the pictures

    I download them to a place like photobucket, flickr, etc,

    I open up a new topic in OSW's "One sixth scale discussion"

    I copy the url for the picture I want downloaded from my photobucket account by right clicking on the picture. it will look something like this (without the quotes)


    there is an Insert Image icon just above the body of the new topic you have opened. It's a yellow box, with what looks like a mountain in it with a square sun. Click that. A box opens up with a "http" wording. Paste the url you copied from your photobucket account into that box and hit "ok."

    That's it.

    For photobucket it's important to remember that you only copy the wording up to ".jpg" and nothing after, otherwise the image won't copy over.

    You also should start a new paragraph for each photo. If you have any text before the copied image, it won't work.

    Does that make sense?


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    Re: How do you post pictures on threads

    Crazy Chocobo has a How to?

    hope it helps

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    Re: How do you post pictures on threads

    Don't forget you can also host images here on the OSW in the Gallery!
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    Re: How do you post pictures on threads

    Here's a few tips that might help with photo posting...

    There's a few ways to upload images into a thread on the OSW:
    - upload into the gallery and link to it, or...
    - upload an image directly into a thread as an attachment

    1. Gallery (be sure to be logged in):
    - there's a link in the upper right of the gallery that says "upload images"
    - follow the instructions to upload the images
    - once uploaded the image should have a UBB code beneath it
    - (ie:
    - see also this thread:

    or 2. Attachment:
    - When posting a new thread in General 1:6 Discussion...
    - under "Addition Options" should be a button called "Manage Attachments"
    - click the button and follow the instructions from there


    One typical snag happens during the uploading of images.
    The server won't accept images that are too large, so sizing them down with a graphics application of your choice will help.
    Uploading multiple photos may give you errors, so if you encounter any, see if doing one at a time will help.
    Increase it to 2 or 3 over time to see how many you're able to do at once without getting errors.


    If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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