I've noticed the quality of jumpsmocks is good, if you buy a type 3 or type 1. But, I wanted my type 2's to be just as good. I decided to upgrade it, and I'll tell you how as well....

Here's the minimun stuff to upgrade your jumpsmock.
-Jumpsmock (duh)
-Small zipper (Mine came from a DiD jacket my dog got to....)
-Eyelets (DiD again....the boot has a nice tear on the back that glue won't fix...)

Here's the steps for upgrading your smock, you could do it in any order, but I've found an easy order for it.

1. Cut zipper to length and glue (or sew) in place. The best placement for the zipper is about even with the upper pockets.

2. Using a large needle, place a hole in either side of the closure of the smock, one on each side. Using a slightly smaller needle, pop the eelet in place.

I don't place the eyelets all the way down, only as far as the closure is opened. If you place them all the way down, place them about 1" apart.

close up shot of the eyelets-

3. (optional) replace the pull tabs with leather. I used some brown suede. I found the best way to make them all the right size is to cut a line with pinking shears (used to prevent fabrics from unravelling), and useing regular sciccors to cut an angle (just past the corner) to a poiint.

if I've lost you describing step 3, here's a diagram-

Other optional stuff-
Place new insignia on. Pick any insignia you want (as long as it's luftwaffe, unless its the SSFJ. You can buy CVI, or use DML's insignia. I prefer my new LW insignia,but any'll do.

Kurt's got has his happy face on, so it must be a good upgrade :P