I am, among other things, a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant. I spent most of my carrier in Airborne, Special Forces and SOF units. I served in USA at Fort Bragg & Fort Campbell and in Panama on both sides of the Isthmus at Fort Davis and P.C., in Bad Tolz Germany for 5 years with 1st of the 10th, and later 5th Group in Iraq, and on to Afghanistan, The Balkans, all the bad parts of Afrika, a wonderful stint in Norway, some trade time in the UK and many other places, most of which sucked. I was medically retired from JSOC several years ago, but all my good parts still work.

I am here to sell off a modest kit bash collection and some store boxed 1:6 scale action figures. I am not a collector, I am not an expert, and I am not a purist. When it comes to action figures, my wife bought me the first ones. And I 'gasp' actually took them out of the box and played with them. All of mine have been taken out of the box and played with. That said, they are mostly complete and in good condition. I would like to unload them to someone who can use them or anyone interested in reselling them.

I am disabled, and do to my age and infirmity, I have a hard time dressing and strapping all the stuff together. But I can take pictures and post stuff to anyone who is interested. That is one reason I want to do a big box full of stuff and be done with it. I have 20 some action figures, mixed name band and no-name brands as well as brands I do not know. I also have a lot of good quality clothing maybe 75 extra outfits with head gear, boots, accessories, accoutrements and weapons. I have the original boxes for four or five of them. They are a mix of Dragon, BBI Elite Force and The Ultimate Soldier with some I bought that were already in 'kit bash' form and I have no way to identify them.

From what I see online, the HALO Jumper with HALO Parachute and the HALO Jumper with Combat Equipment seem to sell pretty well and I have one of each. (By the way, I started MFF & HALO in 1979 and transitioned to 'Squares' in the early 80's in Bad Tolz.) My first MFF HALO Jumps were with the MC-3 'Truck' a 'Para-Commander' / 'Papillon' adaptation of a round parachute for Army use. It was round and it was small and it slammed big guys like me with 150 ponds of 'Light weight, Man Portable Equipment' on to the ground in an unceremoniously brutal fashion.

I also have Dragon Swift Freedom CIA Agent Smith (with box) and Elite Force SAS 'Clark' with box just to name a few. Also a Zodiac RB-8 Rubber Boat with Engine. I was a Mountain Warfare & Winter Warfare Instructor, so I have 'Arctic Kit' 'White Outs', 'Military Skis and Snow Shoes with some other winter stuff. Modern and older era clothing BDU, ACU, the 'Black Kit' great quality ruck sacks and Bergins and much more.

My hope is to see if anyone is interested and send a bunch of images. I want to sell everything and I am not trying to get rich. I think $350.00 and I pay shipping is fair.

Retired Army Master Sergeant-osw-2018-jpg
Example Name Brand Stuff with Zodiac

Retired Army Master Sergeant-mff-halo-v2-jpg
Example MFF HALO v2

Please let me know if you are interested.

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