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    Red face New to OSW

    Hello everybody! Y'all can call me "AL"! I've just recently added myself to OSW, but have been messing around with action figures since I was a kid. When I was younger I bought my first Star Wars clone trooper, and it took off from there. Currently I maintain a nice collection of Kotobukiya trooper/imperial models, as well as a few Meisho movie realization figures. One of my favorites in my collection, is the original NECA Bigdaddy subject Delta. Anyways, I started to work more with 1/6 figures and accessories recently due to the immense detail, and story telling ability. My current project follows a character named "Nox" as he strives to survive in an apocalyptic scenario. The whole project is pretty much a massive kitbash of star wars figurines, modern day weaponry and lore. Once I figure out how to edit my albums better, ill show off some of the photos. Heck Ill even write the lore for the story!

    Thanks y'all for reading this far, I hope to contribute to this community and share my work with you!

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    Re: New to OSW

    Welcome aboard OSW Al!

    Sounds like you’re not a tyro at this, I look forward to seeing your pix!
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    Re: New to OSW

    Nice to meet you Russcal! I'm no expert, but I know a thing or two on figures ! I'm also super stoked to find a place where I can actually post the lore with context to the actual photos... You'll start seeing more and more content as equipment comes in from BlackOpsToys (praise Sully), and when I get time to write heh. Hope you like kitbash!

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