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    Hey guys, I've just added the message in here because I don't know exactly if I can share it here and if so, which forum topic would be the best. So if this goes against the forum policies, I'm sorry. It can be removed, but for now, without further due, this topic is related to a group we have on DeviantArt. It is called OneSixthCommunity. I won't paste any links without knowing for sure if the moderators are OK with that (but if you google OneSixthCommunity it will be right there ).

    The DeviantArt group won't compete with this site because it has a different purpose, it is a digital gallery for all fans or collectors of 1/6 figures. The main focus is related to 1/6 figures, but any other scale for action figures, models, miniatures, sculpture or any other mixed scale collectibles are more than welcome to share their material in there in the proper section.

    You all are welcome to join and share your material. No restrictions other than the DeviantArt standards. Post your action figures, miniatures, kit-bash, backdrops, dioramas, dolls pictures, animations, text. Open your mind and free your imagination! Just be courteous with the members and respect the opinion of anyone in here!
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    Thank you for reporting it!

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