OT threads reminder: OPSEC, religion, politics, current events

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Thread: OT threads reminder: OPSEC, religion, politics, current events

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    Exclamation OT threads reminder: OPSEC, religion, politics, current events

    Cannot emphasize this enough, if you post current pics of units/individuals, the faces, unit and name identifiers must be pixilated, blurred, blacked-out; any of the above to deny information that might compromise those units/individuals.
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    Exclamation ATTN: Reminder for OT threads

    Just a reminder for everyone that you need to be very, very careful not to start a thread that contains-- or could potentially contain-- political tones, as they are strictly prohibited here on the OSW.

    (Actually, the reminder is-- as it always has been-- right under the link to enter the Off Topic section where is states: "Please no current events or political rants.")

    Politics have been a forbidden topic here since day one. Being a multinational/multicultural group, reasons for this should be obvious.

    This is not directed at anyone specific or any specific thread(s), as there have been quite a few as of late that have caused the Staff to have to sit like hawks on a perch, waiting for the inevitable line to be crossed.

    To keep things as they should be, we ask again that you please stay away from topics of a political nature.

    And if you are going to start a thread, consider if it has the potential to go down an obvious path of political discussion. In most cases, it's been a matter of threads 'snowballing' into something they shouldn't become.

    And even if you are not the thread starter-- do not post something with a political context in a thread where it has yet to exist.

    If it helps any-- here's an example of where lines can get crossed:

    Talking about the US being in Iraq = fine
    Talking about the policies of the US and why we're in Iraq = bad

    Talking about where the Germans attacked, fought, etc. during WWII = fine.
    Talking about the Nazi Party and what it did during WWII = bad

    It is everyone's responsibility to keep politics off our boards. Let's all do our best to ensure the fun and comfort of our fellow members.

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    Re: ATTN: Reminder for OT threads

    Hi, I am new here. I am looking to sell a few of my 1:6 figures MIB....one is ahem, ...banned from being listed on eBay as it’s “that” German leader. I wondered if it could be listed here on the marketplace forums, but did not see any individual sellers listed in the marketplace section- only eBay sellers or pro sellers with websites. I don’t know who I can ask.

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OT threads reminder: OPSEC, religion, politics, current events