need translation, I think it is French (Video clip)

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Thread: need translation, I think it is French (Video clip)

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    need translation, I think it is French (Video clip)

    First I apologize for posting a link to a video clip.

    For fans of this site, I'm sure you've already seen this but I'm so curious as to what they are talking about. Its a talk show but the talk show host cannot control his laughter because the guest has an unusual voice which keeps on cracking him up. I think they're speaking french but it seems like the topic they are speaking of is sad however the host keeps on laughing hahaha!

    LOL!! This is a great clip!!

    If anyone who understands this language can fill me in on what this topic is about, that would be appreciated.
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    hi alex,
    its not french its dutch, mine is kinda rusty and the squeaky guy is really hard to understand. The beginning is "your life was normal, then you came out of narcosis and its not as it was before" im sure one of the nederlandse here can fill you in with the translation.

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    That is sooooooooo bad, I nearly had a heart attack, oh man.

    The audience are pure Land of the Dead. Reckon he got fired?

    He reminds me of...
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need translation, I think it is French (Video clip)