Question on COD4 & Kit

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Thread: Question on COD4 & Kit

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    Question on COD4 & Kit

    Figured most of you guys on here have or play Call of duty 4 and I have some questions...

    Firstly What boots does captain price wear?

    Secondly What boots does Gaz wear?

    Third Whats the make of captain prices assault vest and is it made in 1/6th?

    Fourth What make are Royal Marine Allen's boots?

    Any help will be appreciated as a COD4 bash is in progress.

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    Re: Question on COD4 & Kit

    The vest Captain Price wears is a OD Green Plate carrier. Toy Soldier made some but they are hard to find. Hot Toys has them on their NSW Navy Seal figure the Russell Crowe one. I'm not aware of what boots they wear but I thought they were the same boots.
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Question on COD4 & Kit