Hot Toys - MMSV03 - ALIEN - 8 inches high BIG CHAP vinyl collectible figure

Hot Toys proudly present the third MMS Vinyl collectible – Alien Big Chap, which is a crossover project between Hot Toys and the famous Hong Kong comic artist - Khoo ...-Lung, James. Designed by James Khoo, this vinyl collectible captures all characteristics of the original Big Chap Alien but reformed in 8 inches high.

Product Description:
l This unique designed vinyl collectible approximately stands 8 inches/ 25 cm high in fine and detailed sculpture
l Special feature: allows limited movements

Release date: Q4, 2009

Artists info:
l Original concept art and designed by Khoo ...-Lung, James
l Sculpted and painted by Joseph Tsang

ALIEN TM & © 2009 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.