Hello Fellow Tankers,

I'd like to update your group on the NEW products I've listed on our website.

I've added the three "RC Combat" tanks we are starting to commercialize:
Tiger I Ausf.E Metal RC Tank
M4A3 Sherman RC Kit (Dragon kit with metal inner shell, reworked suspension)
Sherman "Firefly" Mk.Ic Hybrid RC Kit (Dragon kit available in a week or two - same shell as above)

But also all the INNER components:

2 types of Marker Systems
2 types of Motorization Systems
TTES Elevation System
TTRS Rotation System
MPSS Suspension System sold as individual unit or series of 16
Electronic Control System
I will soon add the Radio/PS2 Controller systems to this list

For the "static Modelers" we have those new products
M3 Half-Track with M3A1 .50cal Pulpit
M16 MGMC with ArmoPax Quadmount .50s

If you have comments about above products, don't hesitate to send me an email

Cheers from rainy Utah,