legends toy and hobbies.

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Thread: legends toy and hobbies.

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    Thumbs up legends toy and hobbies.

    i went to their store in industry california and i have gotta to say a very good stash of sixth scale stuff. i did this on wednesday and picked up a triad alpha (asian) for fifty dollars MIB. it was nice to not have to search ebay and wait several days to a few weeks. the man there was frendly and he answered my question as best he could. has anyone else been there? what did you think? also besides this store and echobase are there any others in SoCal that sell sixth scale merchandise as 3C just closed, and they really didn't have much anyway.

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    Re: legends toy and hobbies.

    I order from their online shop once in a while. Their prices vary from good to overpriced, but overall I've been happy with their service. I've been able to score some harder to find figures from them over the years.
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legends toy and hobbies.