Dulling down oil paints

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Thread: Dulling down oil paints

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    Dulling down oil paints

    Hi everyone, can anybody advise what to use to use to dull down oil paints that have dried with a shine. I have heard reference in previous threads to dullcote and was wondering if this was a specific brand or just a generic term.

    I paint with artist oils over humbrol enamel base colours. I currently have some humbrol Matt cote and some life colour acrylic Matt cote and was wondering if either of these would work ( would the enamel based humbrol react with the oil paint and start lifting it or would the acrylic be able to key to the oil finish?).

    I would also like to know if I should apply the Matt cote once I have completed the figure or would I be able to do the affected area without it causing me issues when I come to paint the unaffected areas.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Dulling down oil paints

    Testors Dulcote will do exactly what you want. I've used it for a looooooooong time.
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    Re: Dulling down oil paints

    I used to use oils for everything and found that a few little hints would help matt the pigment down

    i would do a base coat of acrylic in a colour to match the oil so that it had a good base to adhere too and so that there was an even coat because of the thin nature of the oil paint

    Before using the oil I would leave the paint to be used from the tube on a piece of old cardboard, this will draw the oil from the paint into the card. You can leave it for days and then use refined white spirit to thin the pigment down , this helps tone down the paint, the more thinner, the better dull finish you will get

    oils take an age to dry but once fully dried out Matt coats can be used to get a total dull finish. Oils are idea for skin as without matting agents you will always get a small amount of shine, just like the real thing

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Dulling down oil paints