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Hi there my fellow artists,

I have another riddle for you. How to make decent and professional elf ears in our 1/6 headsculps? I have browsed thru many sites and what i found was mostly found tutorials about how to make lifesize ear mods for cosplays or busts.

I did found ONE with some tips, but just for dolls:
How to make Elf or Fairy Ears

There are some problems here.
1) How to solve the color problem without having the repaint the whole hair (bear in mind i am not an acomplished artist like all of you)? Perhaps there is an epox or clay out there that matches with some headsculp skin tones?
2) The person used a syntetic clay and heated in an oven to finish the whole process. No way I will place my cheap but hard to find dragon head in a oven to do this. Then how? Perhaps using another material like epox?

It would be nice if a skilled sculptor here made a tutorial teaching from the scratch the whole process using models as LOTRO, DnD and even vulcan, they all share the same principle but are slight different. I am sure there are some nuances while shapping them.