Dissassembling Old Sideshow Bodies

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Thread: Dissassembling Old Sideshow Bodies

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    Dissassembling Old Sideshow Bodies

    Hello all, and sorry if this is in the completely wrong place, I did have a look before hand and couldn't find anything that answered my questions...

    I recently snagged a Sideshow Frankenstein online, and he's got a few things I'd like to tackle to make him a bit better.
    The top of his right elbow is loose and can't hold any poses, is there any way to fix this? The same goes for his leg and ankle swivel joints, they spin like crazy when you pick him up.

    The other option is to rebody him on a bulkier body with a bit more articulation. I would just pop his head and neck off and hope they fit on a newer body. Failing that just his head, and slice his bolts off and stick them on the new neck?
    Same for his arms I guess, from the elbow down if I could work out how to pop his arm apart. Or just chop them off above the elbow/between the forearm swivel and elbow and graft them on the new arm.

    Basically I guess I'm just trying to find out how to take apart the old sideshow bodies. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Dissassembling Old Sideshow Bodies

    Most Sideshow parts are easily compatible on other body types. I just swapped the head and hands from an old Star Wars figure onto a HT True Type style body with no issue.
    You'd need to heat the head up with a hairdryer or boiling water (I use hot water, let it soak for a couple minutes, easy peasy)
    I'm not sure of the neck set-up of Frank though, so that may need some looking into.

    Alternatively you could try tightening the joints. I know some folks use clear floor wax applied with a brush, I haven't done this myself so can't really speak of the process.
    I have used glue (hot and super) to tighten joints in the past. The trick is to keep the joints in motion as the glue dries, so you won't wind up with a statue instead of a figure.
    I've also used elastics and fabric tape to help tighten areas, too.

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Dissassembling Old Sideshow Bodies