Easy goggles!

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Thread: Easy goggles!

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    Easy goggles!

    Easy goggles!-20161210_201915_zpszshvgpcc-jpg

    If you are in need of easy made goggles look no further.

    The goggles you see is pretty easy to make and is inspirated of those 3r Rommel have.

    First you need a clear plastic sheet of the type you can bend freely.
    Cut the clear plastic into the desired shape, the strighter lines the easier to make.
    I used a needle file, the round kind, to file where the nose begins.
    Make some holes where the plastic sheet is nearest the ear of your figure.
    The black strip on the top is a kind of soft plastic tape cut into the size you see on the goggles, it serves as support in the forehead.
    Finally you need something string like that holds it in place. you could use anything in the right lenght and shape, preferable round and elastic.

    One is bigger than 1/6 scale, but that does'nt matter !

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    Re: Easy goggles!

    Nice quick and dirty technique.
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    Re: Easy goggles!

    Pretty cool! simple.

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    Re: Easy goggles!

    brillant !

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Easy goggles!