I'm not new to repainting but guys I'm all in for advice so I don't make any mistakes or screw up.
Here's the head in question:

I want to make her human, give her eyes cut her hair shorter. I know the headpiece comes off but the metal jaw doesn't. That kind of makes her look like Iron Man in a sense
I've watched some videos on her I know she's supposed to be a zombie/ alien? Well she looks like an alien. Probably a zombie from what I read from the comics that was included with her. Anyway..
I wanted to make it like a new sci-fi character. And this more of a challenge and I like to challenge myself.
I'd also like to add I'm not new to 1/6 collectibles I stepped back awhile due to some money issues but I got to say this probably one of the most interesting hobbies I've ever taken on. Love the forums here too. They are actually helpful unlike some which won't be named
So I'd like to hear any input you guys have on this. Thanks.