Using model rr scenery

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Thread: Using model rr scenery

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    Using model rr scenery

    Anyone ever use model railroad mats, rocks, mountains, shrubbery or other supplies in a 1/6 diorama? For a novice like me it seems like one easier way to buy something OTS given the relative lack of 1:6 diorama accessories for sale.

    Or am I way off?

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    Re: Using model rr scenery

    Yeah, definitely. I'm very new to 1:6, but I've been making 1:10 models for awhile.

    This is a diorama I made for a retrofitted zippo display case. I used mostly plaster, acrylic paint and a lot of static grass (using a static grass applicator that I made from a stun gun).

    It was all pretty cheap compared to the actual figures.

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Using model rr scenery