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Thread: Steampunk Prosthetics

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    Steampunk Prosthetics

    Hello, I am new to the forums and the 1/6 scale world. I want to make my original character as a 1/6 scale figure. I have a head, and ordered two of the Phicen S29B body , one should be here tuesday and the other won't arrive until july or august. I'm going to wait until I have both bodies to begin my customization process outlined below. (I ordered the first one from China, and when I realized how long it would take to get here, I bought another from a seller in the US so I could get started making clothing and the like for her)

    My original character(OC) is from a vaguely steampunk world where magic is performed through Artifice - the use of metals, stones, and other natural materials to create unique objects that are more than the sum of their parts. She had her left arm amputated just below the elbow in an accident as a child and later became an apprentice to an Artificer. Her main project is a prosthetic lower arm/hand that is made of metal pieces and parts and several gemstones that is able to function like a flesh and bone hand due to the "magic" inherent in the feng shui of the materials.

    I am planning on cutting the silicone off the lower left arm of the body and building an actual metal arm and hand out of mixed metal wire and pocket watch parts, as well as a real opal and several real labradorite beads and using the original steel skeleton of the doll as the ulna in the forearm, along with a thinner piece of wire or a rod out of a watch to form the radius, then fill in with other pieces until it looks like a steampunk arm.

    Has anyone attempted customization at this level before? I would be interested in any input, ideas, or related experience. Thank you.

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    Re: Steampunk Prosthetics

    Welcome to OSW Vian!

    Wow, you have quite the project in mind! Hardest part is probably gonna be that initial cut... then it gets easier from there!

    I don’t recall anything done along the lines of what you’re planning, but it sounds doable. Would imagine most people’s hesitation would be cutting up a brand new, and not inexpensive, body.

    Good luck, and I’m eager to see what you come with!
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Steampunk Prosthetics