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Thread: Custom Head Sculpt

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    Custom Head Sculpt

    I work with a Group Called Comfort Farms .
    Comfort Farms is Named After Army Ranger Captain Kyle A. Comfort. (KIA, May 8th 2010)
    here is the website.
    Who We Are | Stag Vets Inc
    My Mission is to find someone that can make Cpt. Kyle A. Comfort
    Head Sculpt I plan on Giving the Sculpt at Next Years Le Pied Du Mont Boucherie Jan 17, 2021 I will be making up his uniform and helmet and Guns Name badge everything to go on his uniform down to the boots.
    Please help me Remember Kyle Comfort.
    I have had the Approval from his wife and mother.
    If you cant help point me to someone that maybe able to.

    Joel Stair
    Per Mare Per Terram ("By Sea, By Land")

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    Re: Custom Head Sculpt

    You are good, it is a very noble goal, but could not his relatives help you in this matter?

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    Re: Custom Head Sculpt

    Maybe you can find some groups of people, organizations that are involved in similar processes and t they will be interested in your idea, they will probably help you.

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    Re: Custom Head Sculpt

    I think you need to use the help of people who were directly familiar with him.

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Custom Head Sculpt