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Thread: Custom Head Sculpt

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    Custom Head Sculpt

    I work with a Group Called Comfort Farms .
    Comfort Farms is Named After Army Ranger Captain Kyle A. Comfort. (KIA, May 8th 2010)
    here is the website.
    Who We Are | Stag Vets Inc
    My Mission is to find someone that can make Cpt. Kyle A. Comfort
    Head Sculpt I plan on Giving the Sculpt at Next Years Le Pied Du Mont Boucherie Jan 17, 2021 I will be making up his uniform and helmet and Guns Name badge everything to go on his uniform down to the boots.
    Please help me Remember Kyle Comfort.
    I have had the Approval from his wife and mother.
    If you cant help point me to someone that maybe able to.

    Joel Stair

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    Re: Custom Head Sculpt

    You are good, it is a very noble goal, but could not his relatives help you in this matter?

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    Re: Custom Head Sculpt

    Maybe you can find some groups of people, organizations that are involved in similar processes and t they will be interested in your idea, they will probably help you.

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    Re: Custom Head Sculpt

    I think you need to use the help of people who were directly familiar with him.

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Custom Head Sculpt