This is HUGE! Robot Troops…

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Thread: This is HUGE! Robot Troops…

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    This is HUGE! Robot Troops…

    DOD Official: "Robots to Replace Troops on the Battlefield"

    Gen. Robert Cone, head of the Army Training and Doctrine Command, made the comment at the Army Aviation symposium on Jan. 15, according to a report in Defense News, a trade publication covering the military. He said that robots would allow for “a smaller, more lethal, deployable and agile force. I’ve got clear guidance to think about what if you could robotically perform some of the tasks in terms of maneuverability, in terms of the future of the force.

    Terminator 2 here we come!


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    Re: This is HUGE! Robot Troops…

    Somewhere, I have a video that shows (if I remember correctly) a cgi presentation of robo-systems doing a night breach, and seizing an entry to a town, with a follow-on assault.
    The odd scifi movie Skyline had an air attack against an alien ship by drones and what appeared to be drone stealth aircraft. Only later did Joint Strike fighters show up.

    I think the bot systems have their place, but human beings won't be taken out of the equation, particularly directly on the battlefield.
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