Some 90's 2 REI reference photos

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Thread: Some 90's 2 REI reference photos

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    Some 90's 2 REI reference photos

    Don't know if there's many of you that are interested but here are some photos of The 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment, the Yugoslavian pics are from 93, 96 and 99 the pic at the base in Nimes is 90 and the Africa pics are 93. Yes I am in the photos and in the pic on base in Nimes if you've ever seen "escape to the Foreign Legion" you may recognize the short guy.

    In this pic I am carrying a para version of the MINIMI, we were issued it less then a week before we left France. Since the French had no belted 5.56 all I was given was 6 AR mags for the weapon, that is why you see no box of belted ammo. We wore our "ninja turtle" body armor as little as possible, it was very protective but horrible to wear, it was awkward and very heavy. I was not able to close my arms enough to look down the sights of my weapon except when prone. Not seen in the photo are my helmet and beret, the spectre helmet would have had a UN blue cloth cover on it and the beret would have been blue with a UN badge on it. This was the only time I went there wearing UN crap.

    Just a typical bar break while on patrol in RCA.

    This one is a patrol along the border of Tchad

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    Re: Some 90's 2 REI reference photos

    Excellent stuff, Xlegionnaire! The bits about kit and weapons, that is gold. The MINIMI without belted ammo, incredible.
    I'm going to copy this to another area, where it can get replies, as this is a "read-only" area.
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    Re: Some 90's 2 REI reference photos

    Nice pictures, and all the descriptions of the gear.

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Some 90's 2 REI reference photos