Paul Mcgeogh RM SBS (Retired) RIP

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Thread: Paul Mcgeogh RM SBS (Retired) RIP

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    Paul Mcgeogh RM SBS (Retired) RIP

    After a short pause i thought it was time to honour a hero recently passed on in tragic circumstances.

    Sergeant Paul McGeogh Royal Marines Special Boat Service.

    In 2001 Paul was one of the heroes of the operation at the Qala-I-Jangi jail near the town of Mazar-I-Sharif, Afghanistan. He was a very well respected sergeant in the SBS who was famously pictured on several occasions with his face covered by a shemagh and wearing a green civilian vest. He was also filmed standing firing a GPMG over the walls of the jail. He was one of an eight man team, working with an attached SEAL (who although he has been named under other circumstances i won't for OpSec reasons) and a CIA agent. He was one of the first wave of SBS men sent to Afghanistan when the deployment began.

    Paul's story and that of the team are to be told in a book recently released called 'Bloody Heroes'. I'm certain it will be a great read and a fitting tribute to all who served during the operation. (In the book Paul is identified as 'Stevie 'Ruff' Pouncer'. His nickname to the lads was 'Scruff' in real life.

    Sad to say that Paul was killed on holiday in a hang-gliding accident whilst on holiday with his family a couple of months ago following his retirement from active duty.

    Paul was the SBS Marine who was nominated for the Medal of Honour and was infamously refused it by the then British defence secretary. He was awarded a 'Mention In Despatches' for his part in the op.

    Paul was 41 when he died and leaves a wife and children.

    (As an aside, it was his pictures and appearance Cpl Ho used to form the basis for his kitbash a couple of months ago, so ironically it was a very timely and fitting tribute).

    He will be much missed by his 'oppo's.
    RIP Paul

    Respectfully HH
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    Rest in Peace. I remember the instances you mentioned in the first paragraph.

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    Ian, I am saddend by the loss of one of these brave men.
    Maintiens le Droits

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    I lost an uncle in a ultralite crash, and while the old saw "...they died doing what they loved" doesn't always ring out right, there's something to individuals who meet their ends as adventurously as they lived their lives. I'm sorry to hear a good man's left behind a grieving family.
    You are
    What you do
    When it counts---The Masao
    - Ryan Bonaminio lived his life this way -

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    RIP blade

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    Many men live on the edge, doing what others dare not....
    whether it be extreme sports or taking up arms in the defense of their home and brothers....
    Sgt McGeogh did both and I salute him and pray for his family.
    "Other people's illusion of safety does not supersede my human rights." -Gabe Suarez

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    I also remember those images as CC did, but even more vividly as they were recently posted in a bash of this remarkable man,
    such that even in his passing he leaves behind a legacy that so many of us will look up to.
    May you rest in peace, Sergeant Paul McGeogh, you have certainly earned your right as such, and my condolences to your family and friends, I hope they may find some solace someday, in knowing that still in their hearts resides a brave husband, father, comrade, and hero.
    Always do your best in everything you do, and live on, happy. - Aya

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    Hopefully, my bash is a fitting tribute to Sgt, McGeogh and many other anonymous guys like him who gave their lives for their countries.... The quote by George Orwell is most fitting for them... "We sleep peacefully at night because strong men stand ready to visit violence on our behalf" RIP...

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Paul Mcgeogh RM SBS (Retired) RIP