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Thread: Vietnam Reference Q&A

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    Re: Vietnam Reference Q&A

    Well, guess this thread is dead then.
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    Re: Vietnam Reference Q&A

    Vietnam (Some pics NSFW)
    This is a VERY interesting and excellent photo series from a 12th Infantry grunt taken between 1971 and 1972. Some pics are not worksafe though, so use your discretion.

    Viet Cong Structures
    More interesting work from the same author.
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    Re: Vietnam Reference Q&A

    USMC WWII helmet cover in vietnam war !!


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    Re: Vietnam Reference Q&A

    Ask someone who was there. It all varied. My buddy in their unit, 25th infantry. carried mostly ammo and water on their sweeps.
    Now this worked for their unit in the area of Chu-Chi.
    I am not saying all sweeps and units were the same.
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    Re: Vietnam Reference Q&A


    Not sure why the title of this one is like this, it's from the Military channels Combat Zone. This is Hill 875, there are two other Vietnam episodes I'll attempt to find. One being Hue and the other having to do with PBR's
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    Re: Vietnam Reference Q&A

    Reviving this thread a bit. Great for research!

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