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Jimmy C
03-21-2009, 21:08

I've been painting sculpts for a couple of years now and have gotten better. usually I'm painting resin custom sculpts like Frontline or RPT. Generally they are cast in white resin. I first apply a spray primer (white or gray enamel from Testors) I usually then use 3 skin tone shades of Testors model master enamels. I sometimes use acrylics for eyes or hair and ground pastels for 5 o'clock shadow, blush and shade. and seal w/ dullcote

At this time I have 2 heads to paint which are a bit different from the standard WHITE RESIN and I'd like some input as to if I should do anything different

One is a stripped factory Sideshow toys Indiana Jones ( I guess thats vinyl)

The other is cast in a fleshtone resin.

Should I still use the gray or white primer on the already skintoned sculpts ? Or should I use the clear dull cote as a primer or no primer at all ? Should I just do shading and not apply a base coat at all ?

Are acrylics preferable to enamels w/ regard to the vinyl sculpt ?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.



03-22-2009, 01:01
I use Dulcote all the time for the base coat on resin and vinyl heads. I also gave up enamels long ago in favor of acrylics. The clean up is much easier and they seem easier to work with.

04-16-2010, 01:35
enamels will get tacky and won't dry when applied to soft plastics. Id use Tamiya sprays if you go the spray route they have a flat flesh tone that looks nice.
Personally though I use pastels and oils, sometimes acrylic