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02-19-2009, 22:09
Hello All,

Do you know of an inexpensive source for AA hands for BBI G1 or Dragon NeoAdam bodies? I have a few without hands. They came with gloves and no regular hands. Oops. Wrong area....

- Ivan.

02-19-2009, 22:20
No option or any idea at all. Like me, too. You are stuck with those gloved hands, not unless you can get one from someone who like an AA body with no hands. Painting the hands will work.

02-20-2009, 05:38
What kind of paint do you use? I have found that paint that works on heads doesn't work well on hands that need to flex to hold weapons or other things. It works for a while and then cracks. I tried one kind of flexible paint, but even though it was acrylic based, it never dried and smeared all over the place.

- Ivan.

02-20-2009, 13:06
Paint...I will not do it, paint for sure will smear, as in leave traces on weapons and could peel from the hand.

02-21-2009, 10:12
I'm not sure if there's a proper stain agent that would work, but that would take care of the cracking problem. The question is, would it bleed?

Somebody could make some money by casting hands in a number of skin tones. Maybe it will happen, just as feet and neck adaptors are now made. It's one of the various companies' worse shortcomings, not providing hands. My personal gripe is Soldiers Story's 1st Cav guy, who comes with a Caucasian body. With other figures being released with several pairs of hands, the glove shortcut is undefendable.

02-21-2009, 13:37
Yeah, the SS AA guy has an extra set of hands that the wrist pegs were caucasian. Maybe painting the wristpegs brown...and getting the HT AA bendy hands could work. The BBI / SS/ BSgt. wrist pegs will go in the HT AA extra bendy hands. These pegs will also go on the DML arms. Just paint the pegs, there you go Ivan. Pukingdog, thanks for the tip on the SS 1st cav. The HT AA bendy hands is a tight, flush fit.

02-21-2009, 20:09
Hello Folks.

Thanks for the advice. Here is a list of my attempts up to this point:
1. I found that an Expo Marker will pretty much permanently stain regular flesh hands to black with no cracking. Problem is that I have never found a Brown Expo Marker.

2. Sharpie makes a Brown marker. The problem is that it doesn't leave a permanent stain on the hands. The markers are labeled "Permanent", but it doesn't act that way on the soft plastic of action figure flexible hands.

3. I don't happen to like the wire bendy hands. I can't ever get the shape entirely right. Also, the little cutouts to hold the armature in place for moulding just plain looks awful to me. (Same thing applies to bendy arms, but that isn't really in scope for this discussion.)

4. I have triend Modelmaster Acrylic which is FAIRLY durable and doesn't smear, but with a lot of flexing, it cracks a little.

5. I tried some Fabric Paint which doesn't crack, but smears even though it is acrylic and is supposed to not be affected by the plasticizers in the hands.

6. I bought some Cotswold action hands which are shaped a bit weird and sized a bit small. They also have a peg so radically different that I haven't figured out whether I should butcher the figure to fit those hands.

7. I have some caucasian BBI hands that have correct pegs. They are moulded from black plastic, so if I take off the paint and repaint to brown, even if they crack a little, it won't be obvious. I haven't tried this yet though and also it is hard to figure out from descriptions of replacement hands whether they will be moulded from black plastic.

I'm still open to other ideas.
- Ivan.