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12-02-2008, 13:32
I was wondering what most people who use pastel chalk to detail a head use for sealer. The reason is I've been using plain old Krylon Matte sealer to seal heads for a few years but once I've started using the chalk it seems the sealer has the effect of brighting the the color of my chalk work.

der soldat
12-02-2008, 21:49
I've noticed that ALL acrylic sealers make the colores of the pastel more vibrant. Some store- brand sealers don't cause that.

You can try mixing Future and Lighter fluid for a sealer and using an Aribrush. It creates a nice finish and dosen't alter the colours at all.

If you want to experiment, try some hairspray.Hold it back about 2,5 or 3 feet though....or else it will look like the sculpt just got dunked in oil.