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11-16-2008, 22:56
This is a bit of cross-polination; I've recently begun using Tamiya Polyester Putty for my Gundam modelling, and I was wondering if it would work just as well for /16 figures and the like. Polyester putty is a two-part material (like Milliput and other epoxy puttieis) only, it's more liquid, and after mixing it dries quickly (60-90 minutes solid). I was wondering if it could work, or if it's too brittle (or just won't stick to the PVC plastic of figures) if I use it to sculpt new parts.

The main appeal I have with Polyester Putty is that it's like paste--your slap it on, wait for it to dry, then carve/sand to shape. Woks fine for Polystyrene plastic (Gundam models and the like), but not sur abotu 1/6 figures.

02-04-2009, 18:27
I've used Milliput various versions, the tamiya version, Kneadatite in green and brown, and the more generic stuff...my opinion is on regular action figures that are polymer base it will all work the same. Where you might run into issues uis with a vinyl model which has a more oily base to it and prevents sticking. An alcohol rub and a fine scuff will get you closer. Or in lieu of that, a vinyl primer that is then finely sanded should get you the bite you are after...In all cases, it's the bite you're looking for, so if possible try to buff the surface to dull out the shine, but not so much to cost you any detail you don't want to lose...as I recommend to everyone, always take a test on an area that won't make a difference. I hope that helps.