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10-16-2020, 19:33
I'm Andrew, from Texas.

I've been a long time lurker of the website, just browsing what used to be the gallery. Figured I'd make an account and start showing off some of the work I've been doing. Little bit about me, spent 8 years in the US Army and have been collecting figures since I was about 12 years old, ranging from kitbashed figures to Hot Toys Resident Evil figures.

Right now, my main focus is this project that I've been working on for about 6 years. I'm trying to make the most realistic and accurate Battle of Mogadishu diorama in time for the 30th anniversary. I have been in contact with several members of Task Force Ranger and I've been working my darn butt off to get the figures accurate to the source material, NOT the movie based on the event.

So I just wanted to introduce myself. Been a big fan of people like CorranJ, Sir Eaton Flipflop, KkMok, and many more. So I hope I get to learn more from you guys as I go on this awesome journey!

10-20-2020, 02:11
Welcome, we look forward to a pleasant conversation!

10-20-2020, 09:04
Welcome to the board!

10-21-2020, 21:40
Welcome aboard!! Hope you have a great time on here!!!

10-24-2020, 09:05
Welcome! Thank you for your service! I'm relatively new here myself, have been enjoying the content and learning new things.