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09-09-2020, 12:45
Just an intro , 40ish woman from the US ( DC actually) . Iíve been a 1/6 doll collector for over 25 years. Have always been a SW collector since childhood...and still have my original Megoís ( which I can display..I was a careful child!)
a good friend of mine introduced me to Hottoys and Sideshow. And first purchase was the Hoth Leia. And Iíve since purchased all the HT Leiaís.
But Iíve started to kit bash, did a Bespin Han with a ď3rd party ď head and body, with a Sideshow outfit, working on a Luke now. And finishing up an Endor Leia with the helmet.
Really enjoying working with figures!
My dad was a champion model builder as a teenager..and guess I got the gene.
Hope to,learn and share here

09-10-2020, 11:34
Welcome to the board!

09-10-2020, 17:49
Welcome to OSW Holly! Sounds like you have a good hobby background, lets see what you do!