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08-26-2020, 18:47
Howdy y’all,

I’m an adult collector and artist in Santa Fe.

I have a few action figures, mainly World Box and clones from eBay.

I’ve done three headsculpts, three facepaints, and sewn and knitted clothing. I photograph my “guys” both in house and on location. I make backgrounds and props and have yet to find the “perfect” solutions.
I’m looking forward to sharing tips, hearing news, and maybe socializing.:knock


08-26-2020, 19:24
greetings from another denizen of the Great Southwest,
if you're doing stuff from scratch, sculpting and sewing and
painting and what-not, that's what I love to see... post some pics!

08-27-2020, 10:38
Welcome to the board! Let's see your work!

08-29-2020, 07:54
Hello Tardis!! wellcome!! We are looking forward to see your creations!!