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Dolly Dagger
07-10-2020, 14:05
Howdee all,

My Mother would have me go to doll shows with her, so she could use my eyes when buying detailed parts.
She made a life like doll of my daughter, with her clothes. Scared the poor kid for years. She owns in now.

I have lurked here for some time. When I first say the super flex bodies, I knew they had to be check out.
Then I saw a Emma Watson head and wanted an adult Emma. I studied bodies here and across the net.

Decided on a S23B. A might to busty for Ms Watson, poetic license. :nanana
The adventure of getting the body here is a whole other rant.

Some one on this board called the 23B skin tone, cadaver. I have to agree.

The head I have is a no name import. Too pinkish. Not out to buy several heads to fine one that matches closer. Might have to color the body :doh

07-13-2020, 09:45
Welcome to the board!