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Joe's Nurse
04-26-2020, 00:52
Hello, Joe’s Nurse here. Nicole’s the first name.

I developed an interest in the 1:6 scale with my son growing up. The level of detail now out there is so beyond what the 60’s & 70’s had.
My personal focus comes from the space program, and, trying to develop a personal series of action figures with wardrobe based on parents and grandparents. The goal is to let future gens of the family be able to go beyond just pictures and stories told and seen.
From WWII to Gulf 1 active duty between USAAF & USAF fliers.
USPHS to FEMA Disaster teams health care providers.
To DOD USN Civil Service
To every day
This will create a rather large
These first attempts were from trying to match heads that were store bought figures.
I will be looking at custom made for true family.
But the big work is My Gemini Joe program

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Joe's Nurse
04-26-2020, 00:59
Sorry about the upside down and sideways. I didn't see a means to right them in the posting.

04-27-2020, 09:19
You're off to a great start. Welcome to the board!

Joe's Nurse
04-27-2020, 19:21
More on the Gemini can be found in the Gallery and Gemini Joe progect