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04-16-2020, 04:02
I used to lurk and occasionally post here back in the day. I couldn't log into my old account so we can just forget about all that.

I've collected dolls and 1/6 figures since I was a child, 90's kid here. I came up through the MWD dolls forum and SSF's. Collected army and fem figs in the early to mid 2000's, lots of Sideshow, then dabbled in some Hot Toys (Resident Evil) then I fell of the face of the earth.

Then last summer I bought an Ironman, ordered a War Machine, Alan Grant and his raptor, a Deadpool, Colossus. I caught the bug again.. Today I organized some drawers of stuff, with the intention to start bagging it up for resale once the pandemic is cleared up. Then suddenly, looking at the arsenal of tiny weapons infront of me, and thinking about the most recent Resident Evil game. I thought, "I could build a tiny gun shop." Or a tiny armoury.

So here I am.. I'm not sure how often or how long I'll be around. But I might start posting and contributing again. Because it seems that the landscape of this hobby has changed (Thanks HT and MCU🤣) I'm not sure what the future holds for me.

I also collect lots of the new Mattel Jurassic if anyone is into that haha.

Either way I'm happy to be back new and improved.


04-16-2020, 10:00
Welcome back!