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03-22-2020, 12:00
I have exactly two 1/6 scale figures (neither of whom have heads currently) which I largely use as art models and have recently taken to sewing clothes for. Which had led to a little bit of lurking since you do have several threads on sewing clothes.

Mostly I joined because I have one specific question about fitting the ankle extenders to my new M33 because mine absolutely do not want to go on and I'm mildly terrified of breaking the M33's leg if I exert any more force.

03-23-2020, 10:37
Welcome aboard. Have you tried heating the plastic up with a hair dryer or hot water? That usually does the trick.

03-29-2020, 08:17
I have tried the hair dryer technique and the boiling water one. Maybe I just need to leave them in the boiling water for longer?

03-30-2020, 10:51
I was able to add them to my M33 without much trouble. Remember that the skeleton is steel and should be able to withstand some pressure. But yes, leave them in the water a little longer. Once they are on be sure to run cold water over them right away.