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09-03-2019, 23:00
Hello fellow collectors, glad to join you guys! I just started collecting WWII German figures a few days ago. Kind of fitting seeing how it's the 80th anniversary of the European phase of the Second World War. My interests also include the Crusades, the Great War, and the Vietnam War. However, figures from these eras are harder to come by compared to WWII ones. Will slowly expand as time goes I guess. Hoping to put together a diorama in the next few days with my figures, will keep you all posted. Have a great one, talk soon!

Pvt. Ryan HOH
09-04-2019, 00:31
Welcome aboard, sorry this place isn't what it used to be but alot of great work and archives still. I dropped you a PM btw about the NAM stuff.

Pvt. Ryan HOH
09-04-2019, 00:32
Oh, and where are you from? The States? Overseas?

09-04-2019, 01:17
Hi Ryan! Getting back to you on the PM as we speak.
I'm from Vancouver, north of the DMZ. Just kidding!
I actually come down the States on a weekly basis, picking up books and Blu-ray movies.
I guess I'll be going down Washington more now that I picked up this hobby!
Talk soon Ryan, have a great evening.

09-10-2019, 10:45
Hi from down in the Midwest, Indy! Yes we too are into one sixth, and me big time. What are your future projects? Might I suggest doing a
German sailor on an "E" boat. I'm the guy working on a PT boat, the 105, it's an 80' Elco (full size) 1/6th it comes out to just under 14 feet.
Just thought I would say HI and maybe help with a future project. As for the clothing for some of your other figures, see if you can get in
contact with some of the manufactures from China, especially from Hong Kong. They can make almost anything!
Good Luck! and Welcome aboard!

10-29-2019, 09:53

I just joined today. I always checked this site for reviews on figures I was planning on buying. Saved me a lot of grief on buying something I would not be happy with. I could use some help on how to treat black outfits from staining bodies if anyone can help. Thanks in advance.

10-29-2019, 17:18
Hi there, and welcome!

I haven't tried any methods myself to prevent staining, but I have seen people recommending soaking any kind of darker clothing items multiple times until the water runs clear. Perhaps even using a gentle washing detergent to wash it first as well. Some then also recommend spraying or using some Rit dye [aka fabric dye] fixative. See post #7 by MarkEl on this OSF thread for more info on that method:

staining - Staining and Cleaning (continuously updated) (http://onesixthfigures.forumotion.com/t215-staining-and-cleaning-continuously-updated?highlight=staining)

Note that someone on this thread tried using vinegar to set the fabric dyes, but it turned out not to be effective enough. Seems that fabric dye fixative is indeed the better option:

Phicen female bodies stain removal? (https://www.onesixthwarriors.com/forum/sixth-scale-action-figure-news-reviews-and-discussion-/856370-phicen-female-bodies-stain-removal.html)

Others might have additional suggestions, but I hope that helps! :)