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07-19-2019, 00:33
Hey there. My name is Kevin D. I'd like to say hello to everyone. I would like to say upfront that not only am I new to this site but also kinda computer illiterate so this ought to be a lot of fun. I've not got any figures that are complete so there you have it. No , really though , I'm attempting to build a 1978 Christopher Reeve Superman. I've got a headsculpt , actually3 in case one was better than the other kind of thing. I've got a blue suit with the correct logo on it for that particular one. The body I've got is M34. First 1/6 I've ever bought besides the Darth Vader stuff I'm wanting to get rid of I've never bought one of these things before. I can totally see how it could become a hobby. Who thought that at nearly 50 yrs.old I'd want to find a doll. Ha Ha. " It's an action figure ! " I like the build of the phicen I got but didn't realize the weight was going to be such an issue. I'd like the standard plastic type so I can do a flight pose if that's what I'd like to do. I've decided that I want to get a body that most resembles the one used in the Hottoys version. Who knew that it would be so hard to find.I've got pics of it but that's it. After searching A LOT. I figured I would ask someone. So far I've come up kinda empty. I have a Massive type Ganghood on the way along with an ACI ttm19. Boo5 on the way as well. I have no clue what I'm doing and was hoping that some people here might have suggestions on what kind of body I ought to be looking for. So , if you know or have any advice , please , let me know if you would. I apologize for the essay here I just wanted to get that out there. Thank you.