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El Tyranos
06-26-2019, 07:51
Hello !

I'm 28 and I have a small modeling experience back from my childhood - mostly Warhammer and a bit of 1/72. WW2 passionnate, militaria collector and amateur 3D artist focused on this very theme, I wanted to start 1/6th for a while until I recently decided to make a first model.

This project is a French Indochina 3e BCCP soldier during That Khé rout (1950). It's a personnal project as I served a few years in this regiment (now named 3e RPIMa). My next project will certainly be another very personnal project : a french WW1 2nd Zouave Regiment soldier, as my great grand father served in there from 1914 to 1916 before being wounded in Verdun.

Since my project is still WIP, here are some WIP pictures before I make a specific presentation later. Uniform will be changed to an 1943 HBT. ( (

See you around !