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06-18-2019, 15:36
Hello all. I’m picking up the 1/6 hobby after nearly 14 years off. During those 14 years I was in the military but got a chance to see some really cool historical related things. During that time I became interested in the Battle of El Alamein. So most of my figures are Italian and German Paratroopers in the North African Theatre of war. I hope to add and learn from members have been doing this for a lot longer!



06-19-2019, 14:06
PoetikRanger; Welcome back! Would love to see some photos of your stuff. I have a recon unit of the 21st. Almost completed the SDKFZ250/2 it's in the communications config.

06-20-2019, 02:56
Hey Barry,

That’s awesome. I have a motorcycle rider and lieutenant for 90th leichte. Two German Fallschirmjäger engineers, a Fallschirmjäger medic, and two soon to be three Folgore paratroopers. I’ll probably post the Folgore guys tomorrow, because I need help finding rank and hat insignia.