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06-14-2019, 10:59
Hey fellow one sixthers! This is your USNR vet rep. I have been into this for over 50 years! Just didn't know it! Got my first GI Joe in December of 64, a redheaded Marine. Wish I still had him!
I guess you could say that now I am back into it, BIG time. From what I have seen I am alittle late, by 15 years, but as they say better late than never. I have some grand ideas for what I would love to do in my golden years. Since getting back into it, I have collected over 65 figures, mostly 21st guys. I have created two groups of WWII recon units. The first is US the 2nd Armored, 82nd Recon, having two jeeps, a halftrack and an M8, along with two motorcycles. I am what you would call a "kitbasher". All the vehicles have been repainted to represent the 82nd recon in the first invasion of Italy, early 1943.
The second one in the German unit of the 21st Panzer, 5th Light Div. in North Africa. It consists of three motorcycles, one with a sidecar, Kettenkrad, a Kubel, and my prize an SDKFZ 250, halftrack.
The 250 is almost complete, it is the communications version.
One of my latest creations is a USO show with Bob Hope as the MC, he is introducing the main act the "Andrew Sisters". I have most of the figures for this one, only the band is what I am working on.
My grand project is one after my own heart, a one sixth scale of a PT boat! The PT 105! Being a veteran of the USNR, former officer of communications off a tin can, this project is what I would have loved to do in the Navy. I sold my one car to buy a 14 foot bell hull boat. Next is to improve my place of working on it, not ready to start it until I can do that. I have started collecting some of the crew and weapons.
I hope to come back here with photos and updates. Anyone interested in this, I am Barry and I live in Indianapolis. Achors Away!!!

06-14-2019, 17:23
Welcome to the forum, Barry!

06-17-2019, 10:34
Thanks Spyder! You are the first to respond. Any chance you could help just in the area I need to go in to discuss my projects?

06-18-2019, 23:58
Welcome aboard Barry!

If I had to guess about a proper place to post ongoing projects, like the PT boat, I’d say Forums - Custom Archive - World Wars I and II.

Eager to see what you come up with... anchors aweigh sailor!