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der soldat
10-31-2008, 08:54
I believe that many people see painting a sculpt as an extreme challenge. I here to let you know- it's not. The actual hard part is finding a sculpt which you would be willing to strip free of its factory paint.

Gathering all the proper supplies are also a bit difficult due to the cost.

Here's just about everything I use for a repaints.

All the paints are acrylic, except the sealer.
Paint colours-
Burnt Sienna
Hairspray (Works well as sealer)

Pastel and Shading Materials
I don't use all the colors shown but I will one day.....The best colouring I've found for repaints is make-up. My theorie- If it's made for people skin, try it.
Colour/ area
Red, pink/ cheeks, chin, eye sockets, forehead, ears,nose, lips
off-white/ high-light spots- brows, bride of nose, cheekbones
Brown/ shadow areas- udner chin, hairline, eyesockets, under nose and lips, behine ears
purple, blue/ bags under the eyes
dark brown, black/ facial hair

#2, 4, and 6 flats/ skintone basecoat
#0 round, #2 flat and round/ Hair
#0 round/ pastel/makeup application
#0000/ eyes, small detail

1. Strip the paint from the sculpt...I use acetone and a toothbrush. If the sculpt still has the factory paint on it, soak the sculpt in the acetone for 30 seconds to a minute, wipe off the paint with a rag, and use the toothbrush to remove any remaining paint.

2. Apply the skintone basecoat. You may need to apply between 5- 10 layers. To reduce brushstrokes, I thin the paint by half. To further reduce brush strokes, I brush each coat on perpendicular to the last.
My skintone mix-
Even amouts of burnt sienna, coacoa, and ornge. Then I add as much white until I'm satisfied with the colour.

3. A bit of basic shading is added with brown and off-white

4. Red and purple are added to the sculpt. To blend the colours a bit better, I apply the makeup with a swab, then blend it with a clean swab.

5. Facial hair is added with black or dark brown (for light facial hair, I use powdered graphite). Eyebrowns are added with a coloured pencil
Then seal the sculpt with some hairspray....hairspray holds fairly well and gives a rather human- sweat like shine.

6. The hard part begins.....to paint the whites of the eyes, I use the #0000 brush and use this mix to paint the white- white, a bit of black, brown, blue, and red. It takes alot of experimenting, you need to use < 1 drop of the colours mentioned other than white.
Thin the paint by 25%

7. Add a bit of detail to the sclera- to make tear ducts dn a bit more detail to the white, red and grey coloured pencils are used. Red outlines the eyelids, while grey goes near the corners.

8. Begin the irises.Generaly, I use the prefered color with a bit of black.

9. Add some shading to the iris. The shading colour is white paint, thinend by 75%. The paint is layered, making slightly smaller circles near the center, so it gets lighter near the middle.

10. Add the iris, and coat in Future floor polish or a bit of clear nail polish.

11. Paint the base coat of the hair. Here, it's pretty much done. I occasionaly add a dark wash to the hair to give it some depth.

12. pop the sculpt onto your favourite body, and you're done!

Viel Glück!!

Naruto 18
10-31-2008, 09:45
FRICKN INSANE TUTORIAL BRO!!!..defo gnna give this a go!

der soldat
10-31-2008, 10:33
FRICKN INSANE TUTORIAL BRO!!!..defo gnna give this a go!
Thanks....let me know how it works out...psot your results.

Naruto 18
10-31-2008, 11:44
no probs bro,the heads are being cast as i type this,lol..can't wait!!!!

10-31-2008, 13:28
Thank you so much for posting this!!:clap

der soldat
10-31-2008, 13:50
Thank you so much for posting this!!:clap

No problem....I like to help on some stuff.....If I can get the paint to stick, I'll make a hand painting tutorial.

10-31-2008, 18:25
Thanks for the tutorial. :thumb

11-27-2008, 22:34
awesome, thx for sharing!

12-06-2008, 10:02
Nice! I'll have to use this.