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03-06-2019, 15:25
Hi guys,

got my first 1/6 scale figure a while back, but it was specifically for what it was (Medicom Manji / Blade of the immortal), then at Xmas I saw the Sideshow Wolverine that I had to get since I've always been a fan of Wolvie.... and then it started:

Went to Ebay and got crazy, started buying Phicen bodies, accessories, then discovered BlackOps (Thank god!), Etsy (For fabric, buckles, etc..) and finally got my eyes on the Punisher Netflix from Hot Toys. The problem was as a figure, it's not the best and is fairly expensive, so I got cocky and figured I'd whip myself a customer Punisher. But I didn't want him to be alone, so I also decided to kitbash a female Punisher.

Glad I found this forum and will be posting more pictures of my progress. So here are my custom Punisherette and Netflix inspired John Bernthal Punisher (Both still in progress...)