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02-18-2019, 12:03
Yes I have joined back in 2011. I am a long time lurker. And appreciate great custom figures though I never really constructed one before.

Bit about myself. I am an out of job, non motivated traditional sculptor. Figured I would try more head sculpts to get back into sculpting...And might as well sculpt something that people would appreciate...So if you have any suggestions, please let me know. I am bit of weirdo; I like rather obscure characters that has not been done before. Peace out folks.

02-18-2019, 13:37
Welcome to the board!

02-18-2019, 22:55

02-21-2019, 13:32
Welcome hope you have enjoyed the wide range of topics covered on this forum.... as far as heads go... well generally people go for all sorts of characters.... if you want to produce a head for maximum resale then you would need to find a characters lot of people would like.... a person that comes to mind is Tom Selleck from the Magnum PI series..... personally I would like him that is why I choose him. However there are many other character out there. If you pole people a lot will choose characters that have already been done at one time or another (NOT TO INSULT ANYONE) would like to see a character that has not been done or in conflict with another artist who is currently working on that character. Would love to see as most would your work.... have a great day and welcome again to the light.