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12-08-2018, 19:11
[email protected]
another noob here :dancing:drool
I am realy glad i finaly took the time to register here and now taking the time to also becoming active.
I was an unregistered reader since a couple months now and in october i decided that i have to get registered here.

I already was impressed by all the great tricks, tips & tutorials here.
I am looking forward to all the interesting and helpfull conversations in the future.

A little bit about myself :

I am in my mid-40's (43 to be precise) and i am located in germany
Since my childhood i am a huge fan and lover of action figures (back in these days it was Big Jim, Star Wars, He-Man, Mask etc.) & ive always collected figures in different scales (but was always a fan of the bigger, huger figures like 12 Inch or 18 Inch).

These year in May/June i made my first 1/6 Kitbash figure (a Taxi Driver one) and after that i did a kitbash custom of Rorschach.

My main interest are figures of Horror Movies (Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Devils Rejects etc.), Expolitation Movies (like Ilsa, Thriller - a cruel picture) and also Cult Movies (Dirty Harry, Death Wish, the movies with Tomas Milian as Nico Giraldi). But i also like "newer" stuff like Sucker Punch.

well, i guess thats it for the moment & if you may have any question feel free to ask

best regards Gorellector