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12-04-2018, 02:21
That's how I roll. I'm Aria, from California, living in Vancouver, Washington. Vancouver, as in not Canada. Washington, as in the state on the west coast. You've got no idea how hard it is to do local searches when even olde Google forgets this site exists.

So ToyBoxPhilosopher is to blame. I got into Tonner dolls because of her (ended up with over a dozen and a half in a few weeks, including custom repaints, some child dolls and toys (to my daughter's absolute delight), and now Phicens (to the amusement of my friends since I've been making strange poses and sending pics while awaiting the arrival of clothing). In a week, I've gotten M31 (still deciding on head), M33 with James Franco head, S17B (seller hasn't shipped her head and isn't replying, but this will be the Anne Hathaway head), S23B with KT007 (still waiting for the head to arrive, and I hope I got the right body color), and S25B with D005. These dolls, which action figures ARE, let's face it, are gorgeous, and the prices are a lot better than pretty much anything else I collect. My husband's shown some interest in them as well because they really are impressive.

There's still a lot to learn, how body shapes and sizes compare so I know what I can buy to fit, etc, though, as a professional seamstress and designer, I'll probably make a lot as well. Most of my hobbies and collections tend to be female-dominated, and so I'm actually glad for what looks to be a chance of pace. As someone who was a girl-geek working in developing as a Silicon Valley techie back in the days with was a thing and guys were surprised that someone with different genitalia would indeed code and mod video games, I game of internet-age when the things I was into were mostly guys. I even met my husband on the old Rev3 forum in the Digg subforum. Any former Diggers and/or Rev3ers out there? :D

12-04-2018, 03:38
Welcome! I can't wait to see your bashes, especially the clothes you make yourself.

12-04-2018, 19:54
Welcome aboard Aria! Sounds like you’ve got some ideas, and some skills to implement them... I’m eager to see what you cook up!

12-05-2018, 20:57
Thanks! Last night I got annoyed that the KT007 head (am I right in presuming that people know what these mean? since even I kinda have an idea what they mean and what each sculpt looks like already?) sat to high on the S23B body. The head is a bit small for the taller bodies, and is good for this, but sits too high. I saw someone mention drilling, but I really didn't want to use power tools. I'm the sort who carves my oak busks by hand despite my husband having a ridiculous amount of machinery, so drill? Nah. But I noticed that the thing that goes on the peg, the connector?, was about 1/8" taller than the depth of the hole. So I took a knife, cut a little over half of that, filled the new rough top until smooth, and now her head sits at the right spot. :) Better to risk ruining the connector than the head. :)

Terminus, I think it's really exciting how these are so customizable. I love Tonners, but the limitations drove me up the wall. Also, when I say I'm from Vancouver, people ask if I'm Canadian. When I say no, I live in Washington, I'm asked what it's like living so close to the White House. Vancouver, Washington. West coast. But even google from here presumes searches mean Canada or DC. :D

Russcal, it comes with the territory of growing up under the hood of a car and being a girl doing Boy Scout stuff with my brother's den just as much as designing and sewing. :D One of the gowns I'm making one of mine, who I've named Lavinia because I kinda doll-cast my books when I write them (it's so much easier to make things make sense when two characters are together when I can check if a certain position is even possible), I'm also making in human size because I want it. :D

12-05-2018, 23:36
Ha! Ha! I live in Vancouver, Canada and I have the opposite problem. I can't count the number of times I've gotten into my truck to drive to a store I've Googled, only to realize the map is for Vancouver, Washington.

Looking forward to pics of your projects.